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Why Choose the Fam Connection?

Because it's simply the best. Our site is updated in real-time which means when suppliers send us a new listing, that listing doesn't sit around waiting for a publishing date... it gets entered into the database and is on your screen the same day. This means you will find the most up-to-date trade discounts availble online or anywhere else. In addition to that, we have the most comprehensive search capabilities available. You don't just get ONE way to search through the discounts... you get multiple choices for your searches including by destination, category, scope, keyword or all of the above.

With over 13 years of superior service to the travel agent community, the Fam Connection would like to become YOUR preferred supplier for industry rates.

How do I get started?

To activate an individual or agency account, simply complete our on-line registration form available at the subscription page. For more information, contact

What if I'm already a subscriber?

Great! You've made the best choice you could. Welcome to the Fam Connection. Within 24 hours of subscribing, you should receive a temporary ID and PASSWORD for access to the site. If you haven't received yours for some reason, please email us at

Once you have your id and password, you're ready to go. When you visit our site, you'll log in with your id and password on homepage and you'll be taken to the special "TRADE-ONLY" web site where our database lives. This database contains all of our REAL-TIME updated listings categorized by destination, type and scope as well as keyword.

Now what do I do?

Read on to find out how to use our state-of-the-art search capabilities. We'll go over how you can search through our site to find what you're looking for like never before.

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How does the Fam Connection Work?

For the NEWEST UPDATES, scroll down the page below the drop-down boxes. Here you will find the newest updates added to the site. The date tells you when the site was last updated. All new listings stay in this area for 14 days and then move to the various categories in the database.

We have several different ways to find what you're looking for at the Fam Connection. With the sheer numbers of discounts we have on the Fam Connection, it's important to be able to narrow your search however you see fit. Please read below for a small description of each of the ways to use our search capabilities.

Search by using the Illustrations at the top of the page


Click on any of the illustrations in order to pull up the corresponding information. When you click on any of the 7 graphics, your search results will provide ALL CURRENT listings for that Category. Current means ANYTHING STILL VALID on our site.

Search by using the Map in the middle of the page


Click on any labeled section of the map and your search results will return all valid/current listings in that part of the world. Want to go to London? Click on Europe. Want to go to Cuba? Click on Central America & Caribbean. You choose where you want to look for discounts!

Search by using the Drop-Down Boxes


Here is where you can really narrow your search. Choose the destination, choose the category and then choose either New, Current or Archived. New is "newer than 14 days"; Current is "anything valid" ; Archived is "no longer valid" but it still archived in our files.