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1. Home
This is our front door where you will be able to read what we are all about and find out what we offer. This is where you will find the many services we now provide, links to all of our pages within the site, resources, tools, software and much more.

2. Subscribe
This is the page where you can become a subscriber to the Fam Connection. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express, plus we also accept Paypal. In order to subscribe to our service you must be a verified working agent. There are some special circumstances (writers, meeting planners) when we allow certain people to subscribe on a case-by-case basis. Please email us at if you have any questions regarding eligibility.

3. Agents
Learn about the benefits of subscribing to the Fam Connection as a Travel Agent.

4. Suppliers
Register for a FREE ID and PASSWORD to the site if you are a bonafied supplier and intend to post listings.

5. About Us
Learn all about who we are and how we do what we do on this page.

6. Customer Care
Have a question? Need to make a complaint? Can't find your password? Want a fam but you can't find the right one on the site? Visit our customer care page and we will take care of you.

7. Contact
Learn how to contact us via mail, telephone, fax and Internet.

8. Privacy Policy
Your privacy is important to us here at the Fam Connection. On this page you will find a fully detailed report on our privacy policy.

9. Site Map
The map to the pages currently on our site. As the site is ever-changing, check back often for new additions.

10. Samples
Our sample pages give you a look at some of the types of fams and discounts we list inside our subscriber pages. The only thing missing on these sample fams is the contact information for the suppliers offering them. When you are a subscriber, all the contact information you need to apply for fams and discounts is included in the listings.

11. Articles
Articles to help you do business in the travel industry.

12. Yellow Pages
The Yellow Pages of Travel is your link to travel agents on the Net. Here you will find link upon link for yourself, your business, and your life as a travel agent.

13. Consolidators
Find information on air consolidators and wholesalers and how to deal with them.

14. Tutorial
Find our database confusing? Want a good reason to subscribe? Need your questions answered? This is the page you want to visit. Full detailed instructions on how to use our extensive search capabilities.

15. Advertising
Learn how to advertise on and throughout our site including information on FREE trade ads and listings.