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Welcome to the Fam Connection - Your comprehensive guide to industry discounts

The Fam Connection is a state-of-the-art comprehensive database listing thousands of fam trips and industry rates for Travel Professionals and agencies in the U.S. and abroad. The web site is Updated in REAL TIME which means it changes FREQUENTLY and our unique and user-friendly database is comprised of trips and discounts for travel professionals culled from over 3,700 suppliers worldwide. The Fam Connection has been at the forefront of electronic travel industry information for 20 years. We are the ORIGINAL fam trip site on the Internet and our company is very proud of the relationships we have formed with the "big" suppliers as well as "small" specialty tour operators which you WILL NOT FIND ON OTHER FAM SITES.


We have thousands of Paid IATA Agent subscribers who visit the site on a daily basis to find the most comprehensive guide available. With over a million hits a year, thousands of indusrty listings and an extensive set of search capabilities, the Fam Connection continues to grow and serve the travel agent community with the superior service we are known for.


This site is for TRADE ONLY. Unless you are a professional travel agent or supplier, you will not be granted access to the password protected areas of the site.


This "Fam Deals" section previews the newest additions to our database and ONLY includes the Title, rate and date. Travel Agent Subscribers will have FULL ACCESS TO ALL LISTINGS with complete contact information, instructions on how to book, and details from each supplier. To activate an individual or agency account, simply complete our on-line registration form available at the subscription page. For more information, contact

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The Travel World News Industry Calendar is your most comprehensive source for travel industry trade shows, seminars and organizational events. Once you visit the calendar page, click on the month you are interested in and all seminars, events and happenings will appear.

Travel World

Travel World News Magazine is the travel industry's leading monthly trade publication. Covering the retail travel industry since 1988, each issue of Travel World News contains important industry information and coverage for retail travel agents involved in making recommendations and bookings for their clients including comprehensive, up to date, and worldwide product news and destination editorial coverage.

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ASTA¡¯s Travel Agent¡¯s Management Toolkit (Toolkit) is designed to provide you, as a professional agency owner, manager, or home-based business owner, with the essential business tools to run your business in a more efficient and profitable way. In order for agents to maximize their potential, it is imperative to have a solid understanding of the relationship between revenue sources and cost structures, service and sales goals, focused marketing and business strategies. These are the foundation to continued growth and financial prosperity.

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